Year Level Information

St. Mary of the Angels is proud of the strength of its core curriculum and are pleased to be able to offer students a broad range of electives from which to choose.  Students increasingly have the responsibility of selecting their course of studies as they move through the school.  Such choices are made in consultation with parents, their Learning Advisors, the Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching, the VCE Coordinator and the Careers/Pathways Coordinator.

Year 7 Core Subjects

Religious Education, Integrated English/Humanities, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Science and Languages (Italian).

Year 7 Art / Technology Subjects

All Year 7 students participate in the electives listed below:
Arts – Art, Drama, Music
Technology – Foods, Wood/Plastics, Agriculture/Textiles, ICT
Personal Development – Cyber safety, Respectful Relationships

Year 8 Subjects

Core Subjects: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education, Science, Humanities and Languages - Italian.
All students in Year 8 undertake elective studies in The Arts and Technology. The elective options available are described in the Year 8 Electives Booklet (available late term 3 – early Term 4). Year 8 students will study two electives per semester.

Year 9 Subjects

Core Subjects: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education, Science, and Humanities.
All students in Year 9 undertake elective studies each semester chosen from all discipline areas. The elective options available are described in the Year 9 Electives Booklet (available late term 3 – early Term 4). Year 9 students will study three electives per semester.

 Year 8 - 9 Elective Offerings

All students in Years 8 & 9 undertake elective studies in each semester chosen from all major disciplines. These units are described in the Year 8-9 Course Booklet. (available early Term 4 each year).

Art Patchwork Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Ceramics Drawing RACV Energy Breakthrough
Drama Preparing for the workplace Fabric & Fashion
Ready, Steady Cook Metal Sculpture
LOTE – Italian Music Get on your Bike
Horticulture & Sustainability Design & Create Outdoor Living Pushing the Boundaries
Fun Through Fitness - Boys Graphic Communication Mechatronics
Fun Through Fitness - Girls Dance Styles Robotics
Small Engines Computers It’s a Wrap
Clocks, Toys & Gadgets Ceramics CAD Cam

pdf Click here to download the Year 8 Elective Booklet  (605 KB)

pdf Click here to download the Year 9 Elective Booklet (649 KB)

Year 10 Core Subjects

Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities.

Notes: At the end of Term 1 Mathematics is divided into three distinct groups in line with students’ goals for VCE Mathematics.

Science is studied in the three individual disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Year 10 Elective Offerings:

Art 2D History through Film - Unit 1
Art 3D History Through Film - Unit 2
VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies - Unit 1 Physical Education - Unit 1
VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies - Unit 2 Physical Education - Unit 2
Chefs Apprentice Fashion & Fabric
English/Humanities Extension Sport Science
Foods of the World Wood – Design & Build
Karts – Metal Cad Cam
Design & Build (Plastics) Patchwork
Agriculture & Horticulture Music – Perform & Create
Drama Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics Extension
Business, Money & Law VCE Subjects
VET Subjects  

pdf Click here to download the Year 10 Elective Booklet (868 KB)

Year 10 students are encouraged to consider accelerated studies or ‘fast tracking’ a VCE study or Vocational Education and Training (VET) Course in Year 10.  Given appropriate advice, these options can cater to students’ individual needs. Consultation with the student and parent are undertaken.


Years 11 & 12

A comprehensive range of subjects is offered at VCE level. These include:

Accounting Music Performance
Art Physics
Business Management Psychology
Biology Food and Technology
Chemistry Visual Communication & Design
Health and Human Development Geography
Legal Studies General Maths B
Literature Specialist Maths
Physical Education Foundation Maths
Systems and Technology General Maths A
Design and Technology – Wood & Textiles Maths Methods
History – Twentieth Century Further Maths
Australian History Drama
Systems Engineering Religion in Society
Media Outdoor and Environmental Studies

pdf Click here to download the Senior School Handbook (1.01 MB)

pdf Click here to download the Senior School Subject Booklet (1.08 MB)

Some of these classes are offered in conjunction with the Nathalia Secondary College.  A small number of select subjects are offered through the Distance Education Centre of Victoria.  These subjects are studied via correspondence, with a nominated supporting teacher.

Learning Advisor Program

The Learning Advisor Program, involves regular three-way reporting and conversations between Students, Parents and Learning Advisors. This program will deepen the relationships between the three key stakeholders in education: the students, the parents and the College.  It will focus on the academic, extracurricular and social needs of each student.

Parents are invited to contact the Principal, Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Year Level Team Leaders, Learning Advisor or subject teachers at any time for an interview to discuss a student’s progress or any other aspect of College life.


Excursions are viewed as an important aspect of our curriculum.  They are designed to enhance the teaching/learning experiences of the classroom.  Excursions undertaken by students include camps, retreats, and visits to educational centres, career centres, environmental walks and sporting events.  Parents are notified in advance regarding all excursions and all excursions are appropriately supervised.

Extracurricular Activities

Student Leadership

The College provides opportunities for student leadership throughout all year levels.  These leadership opportunities include S.R.C., Bus Captains, Sports Captains, Justice Matters Representatives, College Captains and Junior Shire Council members.

The development of leadership skills is emphasised through leadership camps and organisational planning.  These leaders are the voice of our students and play a vital role in the life of the College.  They should always show pride and respect for the College and its community through modelling Gospel values.

Social Justice Group

“Justice Matters” is the name of the St Mary of the Angels Social Justice Group.  The name represents our acknowledgement of the importance of social justice and highlights our purpose – to inform, discuss and act on social justice issues and matters.  Through meetings and activities we raise awareness (for ourselves and the College Community) of social injustice issues and where appropriate raise money to help organisations, such as Caritas, in their work for a more just world.  

Student Enrichment

We acknowledge the importance of providing opportunities for each individual to maximise their gifts and achieve their potential and so we are continuing to develop our student enrichment program. In 2010 a program involving students from Years 7 to 10 was introduced with the aim of providing opportunities for those students who showed advanced development relative to their chronological age. 

Academic Competitions and Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in national English, Maths, Science and Information Technology competitions as an extension of the work they undertake at school.

A number of our students participate in Science Summer Schools conducted at various universities.

Physical Education and Sport

Sporting activities are conducted both within the school and on an interschool basis. 

The College competes against other secondary schools in swimming, cross-country, athletics and winter sports.  It also has teams that compete in various netball, football and athletic carnivals.  Extended state-wide competitions and carnivals are made available for students. Canoeing, cycling, bush walking, recreational sports and snow skiing are incorporated into the regular Physical Education and Outdoor Recreation programs.

Public Speaking and Debating

We provide a range of extracurricular opportunities across all year levels for students to be involved in public speaking and debating at St Mary of the Angels.  These include:  Lions Youth of the Year, Legacy Junior Speaking Award and Rotary Club Debating.  In 2009 The St Mary of the Angels debating team won the annual Ian Murphy Perpetual Rotary Debating Competition for Victoria.

Music and Performing Arts

Classroom music is part of the core curriculum for students at Year 7 and an elective at Years 8 – 10, depending on student classes. The College organises for students to learn an instrument and students can learn to play a wood, brass, strings or percussion instrument. Students who undertake these activities are withdrawn from classes on a rotational basis and instrumental work is in small groups of 3 or 4. Keen music students can undertake VET Music from Year 10.
Students also have the opportunity to participate in the College Choir, Band and the annual Musical Production.

Dance and Drama

The College provides the opportunity for students to perform in drama and dance activities.  The current focus is on a College production each year.  These performances bring the whole school community together and involve all students who wish to participate.