Students live in a world where the superficial is a preoccupation and where the human person may be devalued. Religious Education introduces students to the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ and affirms all people- irrespective of their race, gender, colour, socio-economic status or personal characteristics and abilities.

All students at St Mary of the Angels College participate in Religious Education. St Mary of the Angels College uses and adapts the Source of Life Curriculum Materials, the core documents in the Sandhurst Diocese. The aim of the Religious Education program is to aid students in their understanding and knowledge of religion and to foster their spiritual development. For many students St Mary of the Angels College will be their only experience of church and for others they may be hearing the Good News for the first time. It is important to remember that Religious Education does not presuppose that the students have Christian faith, but all students have their own way in which they are seeking meaning in their lives. Religious Education can be a valuable support in that quest for meaning.