Physical Education


We aim to have all students involved, active, and enjoying themselves no matter what the selected activities are.

Our aim in Physical Education and Health here at St Mary of the Angels is to ensure students reach their full potential. Students don’t have to be the best at anything as long as they are doing their best at everything.

Here at St Mary of the Angels students in Years 7-9 have 3 lessons a week of Physical Education and Health.

Year 7: 2 lessons per week for PE, 1 for Health. This is also complimented with two lessons of Physical Health and Wellbeing (PHAW) in the compulsory elective block.

Year 8: 2 lessons per week for PE, 1 for Health. Students then elect extra PE based course throughout the 8/9 Elective block. Examples of these include, Pushing the Boundaries, Fun Through FitnessBoys /Girls, Get on your Bike.

Year 9: 2 lessons per week for PE, 1 for Health. Students then also get the choice of selecting PE based course in the 8/9 Elective block.

Year 10: At the Year 10 level PE becomes an elective with a straight PE being an option along with a more specialized sports science course.

Year 11 & 12: VCE Units 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 Physical Education VCAA Curriculum

Outdoor Education also forms an integral component of the PE and Health Domain allowing students to study, then experience living in the great outdoors and looking after each other and our environment at the same time.