Identity Statement

We are a Franciscan educational community; hope-filled, merciful, and joyous.

Vision Statement

Jesus calls us with joy to be a learning community where:

  • We are conscious that all of our actions must be guided by the mercy of God.
  • We live in right relationship with the earth and all God's creation.
  • Purposeful learning and teaching allows every student to be engaged with intellectual, ethical and spiritual richness.
  • We develop leaders who strive to build a just world taking care of the tradition, the spirit and the story of all Australians.
  • Each individual is valued and recognised in a safe, accepting and inclusive learning environment.
Democratic Principles Statement

The programs of, and teaching in our school supports and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  1. elected government; and
  2. the rule of law; and
  3. equal rights for all before the law; and
  4. freedom of religion; and
  5. freedom of speech and association; and
  6. the values of openness and tolerance.
Graduate Aspirations

At St Mary of the Angels we aspire for our students to be:

  • Witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Active, engaged and socially responsible participants in a diverse and evolving world.
  • Visionary thinkers who are passionate about life-long learning.
  • On a journey of self-discovery, through service and love of others.